Rose/Cardmom Sugar Scrub or Citrus/Basil Himalayan Salt Scrub

A hydrating exfoliation that promotes a detox of the body, decompress while wrapped in warmth and renewed softness. Including a 30 min Swedish massage.

Hydrating Mud Body wrap

The mud from Morocco is the only hydrating type, high in silica with crushed herbs and flowers this traditional treatment will have you honoring the royalty within. Including a 30 min Swedish massage.

Solace (Reflexology)

Starting with an effervescent silky foot soak followed by an aromatherapy foot scrub, kick back while we rub a specialized hemp balm into all of your reflex points and warm sore spots upon a Himalayan salt lamp to detox. finishing off with a toasty paraffin dip to soften and soothe.

Moroccan Hammam

Take your spa experience to the next level, by adding a hand made olive oil soap and traditional scrub (Khissa) to finish off your spa experience feeling squeaky clean.